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Lincoln - shares a birthday with Sarah. Well not anymore, obviously. But he used to be in charge of the country she lives in.

If the Internet is to be believed, Sarah has more aliases than a master spy. Her "real name" is listed as:

Sarah Michelle Lancaster
Sarah Beth Lancaster
Sarah Elizabeth Lancaster
Ryann Samantha Lancaster

"Sarah Beth" may be the most likely option, since that is the name given by the usually reliable Internet Movie Database . The best people to ask might well be Sarah's parents, real estate agent Michael and homemaker Barbara. She also has a younger brother, named Daniel.

If you go looking for Sarah Lancaster on Google, you will always end up seeing a listing that says "I have been able to find 3 hymns by Sarah Lancaster". Don't bother clicking on it, it's not her. Nor is she the one who plays tennis. I go through these ordeals so that you don't have to.

Sarah moved to Virginia aged 4. She then moved again aged 10, and grew up in Mission Viejo, California.
Sarah enjoys dancing, has more than 8 years of training in ballet and jazz and performed in several theatrical productions as dancer, including "I Love Dance" at Caesar's Palace and "Les Artists Theatrical".

Sarah had appeared in numerous print ads before her acting career began.


The cast of The New Class. Click the picture to see it again, still far too small, but slightly bigger than it is here.Sarah began acting when she was in her early teens. At the age of 13 she made her TV debut, appearing on Saved By The Bell : The New Class as Rachel Myers, a role which she ended up staying in until 1997, when she was 17.

She recently described her younger professional self in an interview with Entertainment Weekly :-

"I didn't know how to hit a mark; I didn't know anything about cameras. I didn't know how to act, either, but you'd smile, then they'd line you up like six ducks."

If you have ever seen Saved By The Bell: The New Class then you'll know that this is fair comment. Hey, she was young. Sarah's acting is immeasurably better these days.


Sarah also appeared on numerous other TV shows at around that time, including Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Pacific Blue , and in also appeared in the TV movie Michael Landon - The Father I Knew , (also known as A Father's Son ) in which she portrayed Michael Landon's daughter, Leslie. This film seems to be shown on Sky Movies on an almost daily basis. And yet still I have not seen it.

Slash-flick Lover's Lane featured Sarah as "Chloe Grefe" . Apparently she swears a lot. I haven't seen it. In the UK, this film is known as I'm Still Waiting For You, following the apparent decision of a marketing executive to leap onto the I Know What You Did Last Summer bandwagon.

In the same year she played as Liz on MTV's Undressed. It was an overly dramatized television series which started in the 90s. Being some what succesful it stayed on the air for 6 seasons. It followed the sexual lives of a diverse bunch of highschoolers and even college students. The show touched on many different facets one even being body image and striving to look perfect with cosmetic surgery and breast implants.

I haven't seen that, either. Not exactly the most informed fansite creator really, am I?


Click to read more about Catch Me If You Can. I don't want to spoil the ending, but he gets caught.In 2002, a 22 year-old Lancaster played a small part in the Leonardo di Caprio / Tom Hanks yarn Catch Me If You Can , where she is credited as "River Bend Woman" . She asks di Caprio whether she should open another case of champagne. Blink and you'll miss it, but hey, when was the last time YOU were in a Tom Hanks movie? That's right. Never. So shut up.

As well as this movie role, Sarah played a semi-regular part in TV comedy Scrubs, as Lisa, the Gift Shop Girl, who was a love interest for Zach Braff's character, JD.

Also this year, Sarah landed a regular role in TV's Everwood , in which she played the part of Madison Kellner. Her character was involved in a controversial romance with a teenage boy called Ephram. Controversial not only because of his ridiculous name, but also because of his age. This role raised Sarah's profile, and will hopefully send her to ever greater career heights.


Sarah looking very nice in Dr Vegas.Sarah stars as "Veronica" in Dr Vegas alongside Rob Lowe (who was brilliant in The Specials , which you really should watch, if you haven't already). Lowe plays Dr. Billy Grant, a doctor who "took the gamble of his life when he leaves behind the world of emergency medicine to become the in-house doctor of a high-end Las Vegas casino, where he attends to the round-the-clock medical needs of guests, employees and their families amid the lures of Sin City." (the Internet Movie Database there, switching tenses like they own the place.) It might be better than it sounds because of the presence of Sarah Lancaster.


Sarah was making a film called Loving Annabelle, in which she was to play a someone named Kristen. As you will see from the IMDB entry, she didn't end up appearing in the film. These things happen in showbusiness.

A starring role did come to fruition, though, in Living With The Enemy, in which her character, Alison, falls in love with billionaire software developer Phillip, and they soon get married. She begins to suspect her new hubby in his previous wife's death. Is he keeping secrets from her? I don't know. If it's been on TV in the UK, I must have missed it.


Sarah takes on the lead role of Marjorie in new TV series What About Brian? Will this be the role that propels Sarah to superstardom? This website certainly hopes so.

Scrubs also beckoned once again for Sarah to reprise her role as Lisa, the Gift Shop Girl, or "GSG" this year.

Rumours circulate about Sarah being in the running for the role of Wonder Woman in the upcoming movie adaptation of the super-heroine story.

Sarah currently lives in Burbank, California. Apparently she lives with her cats, the number of which is either two or twenty, and her interests include art, reading, ballet, pilates, working out and traveling.


Sarah seems to be getting more and more good TV roles these days, and her name is being attached to some quality projects.

Click here to visit NBC's Chuck web pageSarah's latest television series is Chuck, in which Sarah plays Ellie Bartowski in a show about twentysomething spies, with a nice, off-beat style.

The movie Smother also wrapped, with Sarah in the role of Holly.


More updates as they happen. Or at least when I find out that they have happened. She doesn't exactly pop round to my house for a cup of coffee every Wednesday afternoon and tell me all her news, you know. Or maybe she does, but I am at work all week, so I wouldn't be in. She could at least put a note through the letterbox to say she's been round though.

Sarah, if you do pop round, you'd best ring first. I know you haven't got my phone number, but then I haven't got yours either, so fair's fair. And what are you doing going round to some bloke in England's house just because he's made a website about you, anyway? How do you even know where I live? Are you stalking me?

Maybe she does a website about me as well. There's much less information and fewer photos of me on the Internet though, so she'll probably be struggling. Must be frustrating. Just get on with the acting and stuff Sarah, this whole "website about me" business is a waste of your time. Not to be rude, but spending your time making a website about someone you've never met is also a bit... well, creepy.

And stop coming round to my house, if you have been. The neighbours will talk. You should have seen the curtains twitching when my cleaner first started turning up. Heaven knows what they'll be saying if beautiful American actresses are turning up at all hours, peering through my windows and going through my bins. This is a respectable neighbourhood, you know.

If anyone connected with Sarah's agent, management, or the promotion of any of her work should read this, please email us and throw us a bone or something. Maybe some pictures or some news so that I don't have to scour the Internet for it all the time. This website has been here for ages, even before Everwood. I'm just saying.


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